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Correct Your Posture Now With Tips From Our Trainer

Ever since you were young you’ve been told to correct your posture… and guess what? It’s not going to stop now. The reason your parents, your teachers and now your trainers go on and on about good posture is that…
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Breathing Tips That Will Help You Breathe Faster

Did you know that the way you breathe can actually make a difference to your training? When you breathe ‘right’, you maximise the flow of oxygen around your body. This gives you more energy and helps prevent stitches. It also…
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How To Fit Training Around Your Busy Lifestyle

You’re busy, busy, busy and there isn’t a spare minute in the day for exercise, right? – Wrong –  Have you ever wondered how other people fit training around kids, work commitments and hobbies? Fitting training around your busy lifestyle…
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