About My Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Perth

Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Perth

Back in 2010 we started our first adult fitness classes which we called “KickFit”. This was designed mainly for mums looking to lose weight tone up and increase their energy levels.  The lessons were put together by our own experienced Personal Trainers (PT’s) and fully qualified physiotherapist. As the instructors also had a strong background in martial arts the classes incorporated more and more kickboxing combinations and we changed the name to MyFitnessKickboxing.

What we have today is incredible high energy fun classes that have been designed to give everyone no matter their fitness level a dynamic and safe all over body workout!

So whether you are preparing for an iron man event or just wanting to climb a flight of stairs without stopping, these classes are for YOU.

Our Instructors

Steven Whitfield – Manager

Instructing at Mt Hawthorn & Booragoon – Perth

At the age of 18, Steven took a liking to resistance training and body composition. When coming to Australia he decided to pursue one of his biggest dreams- to learn more within the industry and make a living of doing the things he is most passionate about. Steven loves helping and passing information to others to assist in achieving their fitness goals. He gained his Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness becoming a certified Personal Trainer in July 2014 only 4 months after his arrival to Perth. Steven has experience with training a big variety of clients- young and older adults, unfit and fit, females and males, group circuits, partner training, 1 on 1 PT sessions and many more. One of his biggest philosophies in life is “Always Continue Learning and Grasp Every Opportunity Possible”. In February 2014, he was gratified to be given the opportunity to manage My Fitness Kickboxing Perth.


Maria Fabbris – Regional Manager

Instructing at Mt Hawthorn & Booragoon – Perth

Maria has an infinity for martial arts and fitness. She found her love for soccer very young and played it all her life. At the age of 16 she was selected to represent Western Australia in the state school girl competition. At the age of 20 she Walked into a Taekwondo Dojang and that was the beginning of her passion for the arts. She trained hard and set her goal for black belt. Within three years she achieved black belt level and also found she loved instructing and helping people. Seven years on she lives and breathes martial arts and decided to expand her horizons into Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Instantly she was drawn to the technical and aggressive nature this art had to offer. Gaining incredible skills from Martial Arts has allowed her to grow and apply techniques learned from martial arts in everyday life. She wants nothing more than to help and teach others the art and hopes that it can have the same positive and life changing effect on them, as it has her.


Sally Annandale – Manager At Willeton

Instructing at Willetton & Booragoon – Perth

Hi My name is Sally aka ‘Pocket Rocket’
I’ve been working with MFK since Feb 2017 and am loving every moment. We have a massive, fit, fun and friendly team. MFK members ‘our champs’ are amazing people of all ages and all fitness levels, everyone is welcome. I love working in such a positive environment, running awesome classes keeping our members in focus to live an active, fun and healthy lifestyle!


Luke Read

Technical Instructor at Mt Hawthorn & Booragoon – Perth

Luke has been training martial arts for 15 years, he started purely for fitness but Eventually started competing then began teaching full time for 4 years. Luke has trained in various styles, kickboxing, karate, boxing, Jul jitsui , mma & muay Thai and has achieved the rank of 3rd Dan black belt in karate, & brown belt in Kempo Jui Jitsui. He has competed in numerous karate tournaments, winning a Koshiki karate World Title along the way, fought in MMA and Muay Thai. While Luke loves the physical aspect of training and staying fit, he definitely love the technical side of martial arts, both in learning for himself and teaching others. As Luke was always the smallest at training he had to learn to use his brain and techniques. He like to pass this so students not only feel like they had a good work out but hopefully they feel as if they learned something aswell.


Emma Fewster

Instructing at Mt Hawthorn & Booragoon – Perth

Hi, my name is Emma and I joined MFK in July 2017. I have always been passionate about health and fitness and spent my childhood playing netball and training in Karate. I trained with my karate club for over 7 years and in this time, I competed in regional tournaments and assisted in teaching. In my later teenage years I focused on netball and played in the West Australian State Netball League competition. I am currently studying Nutrition and Food Science at University. I love how exercising makes me feel and the positive effects it has on multiple aspects of life. Growing up sport taught me respect and gave me confidence. I also love helping people, especially when it comes to their health and fitness goals and increasing their self-confidence.


Natalie Crockett

Instructing at Booragoon – Perth

Nat’s passion for fitness started at an early age being that she was a competitive gymnast for many years. Since then Nat has kept fit through gym training and group fitness. Nat’s passion lies in helping others feel good and get fit. She completed her Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness in 2016 and has been working in the Fitness Industry ever since. Nat absolutely loves working at MFK and helping other achieve their goals!


Ione Tasi

Instructing at Booragoon – Perth

Ione is product of MFK joining as a client back in 2015 she became a constant fixture in our classes losing just over 30kilos & keeping it off.
At the tender age of 27 armed with a low level of fitness & not really seeing any long term commitment, she signed up (for the gloves) but quickly fell in love with kickboxing and kept coming back for more! Her love for the art and fitness continued to grow the more she learned & the more she invested in our classes. She joined our Team this year as an Instructor to enable her to help and inspire as many people as she can. Her enthusiasm & passion is evident in her upbeat classes with just the right amount of balance between hard work & fun to continue our tradition of an enjoyable environment. She is a firm believer in exercise being an integral part of every day life and knows first hand the positive impact it has on ones overall well being.



Sarah Farrell

Instructing at Booragoon

Sarah joined the MFK instructor team in July 2017, after enjoying kickboxing, boxing and other fitness training for many years.
She has since completed her Thump Boxing for Fitness training; has completed her first Ultra Marathon Event, and is in training for the next!
Sarah thoroughly enjoys the reward of helping others to develop themselves, and find a sense of purpose in exercise. When she’s not working or hanging out with the MFK 6am morning crew, Sarah enjoys the practice and teaching of mindfulness meditation, and loves a bit of a yoga with a side of trail running!


Matt Krouzecky

Instructing at Mt Hawthorn – Perth

Matt has had a strong interest in all sports from a young age and has been training in martial arts since the age of 11. He is a qualified physiotherapist and is particularly passionate in optimizing body movement and function. Matt has a wide range of experience in the Health and Wellness sector. He currently works as a physio out of a private practice conducting numerous movement classes per week, and has several years of experience in teaching karate and kickboxing to various age groups. His main passion is helping others achieve their training goals by understanding how the body moves correctly to optimize performance and minimize injury. Matt is an invaluable member of the My Fitness Kickboxing team, his vast array of knowledge and skills has assisted in developing the program and by dictating proper movement of the body.



Camille O’ Sullivan

Instructing at Mt Hawthorn

Since Camille began kickboxing at the age of 18 and quickly developed a passion for it, she has been grateful to have the opportunity to share this enthusiasm with others and to help them to reach their own goals through kickboxing. At university, Camille studied Physical Fitness and Health, learning about the importance of physical activity on the health and wellbeing of an individual, and how each component of physical fitness can be developed safely and effectively. Camille loves working closely with members at MFK and helping them to achieve their goals!


Coach G

Coach Gee

Instructing at Willetton

My name is Gaurav, everyone calls me Gee! If I’ve had to summarize all that I do in three words, they would be kickboxing, kettlebells and Cricket. I’ve been quite lucky to be in a position where I’m actively involved in these three passions of mine. I’ve personally lost 35kgs in 6 months in the past so you know that you’re talking to someone who can relate to you when you talk to me about your fitness goals and how to go about them.
I look forward to seeing you in our sessions here! I promise you nothing more than a fantastic and productive hour every single time you walk in through those doors. See you soon!!



Lisa Watkins

Instructing at Willetton

Hey kickboxers! My name’s Lisa, I’ve been an instructor at MFK Willetton since September 2016. I fell in love with fitness whilst on my own weight loss journey. I lost a total 67kg and have now maintained for over 18 months. Now exercise is a regular non-negotiable part of my day, like brushing my teeth, just get up and do it. I love helping our clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals, because I know you can reach them! Come down, say ‘hi’ to me, bright and early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I’ll be the one bouncing around with a big smile on my face.



Katrina Fromson

Instructing at Morley

My name is Katrina and I took my first MFK class in July 2017. I currently have a brown belt in mixed martial arts after training for around 3yrs and am a dance instructor when I am not kickboxing. My whole life revolves around fitness with my weekly schedule taken up by gymnastics, calisthenics, MMA, yoga and dance which allows me to bring a variety of disciplines to keep classes fresh and new! I’ve completed my Cert 3 in Fitness and am in the process of doing my Cert 4. Come join me to kick some butt in class!



Rachael Buchan

Administration & Instructor at Booragoon

Rachael joined MFK Booragoon July 2017 and has loved her time being here. Rachael has always been a fitness fan since a young age and is enjoying being able to collaborate her professional skills with her passion. She is currently working on the Administration team alongside training to become an instructor at MFK and has now begun taking her first classes.